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Please do not include the M in your number.




  • All requests must be made by student.
  • 2 days processing normally required.
  • Student must show picture ID to pick up records.
  • Written consent required for others to pick up records.
Immunization Policy

Academic departments submit names of students requiring immunization screening.  Student  compliance is reported monthly for designated students.  The report will list student compliance status as "non-compliant", "temporary", or "cleared".  The program Chair or designee is responsible for relaying this information to the appropriate clinical instructor.

Changes in individual student compliance status will be included on the next scheduled monthly report.  Students needing documentation of compliance status, prior to the next scheduled report, should request an update at the time of the appointment.  The student will be responsible for taking the update to his or her instructor, who should document the change.

I have read and understand the Vinson Health Center's policy concerning the screening of immunization records. 

I authorize the Vinson Health Center to release information concerning my immunization records and compliance status to the department listed below.  I am aware that this consent will remain in effect until a revocation in writing.

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