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  MSU Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences
Program Application                                                                               

Thanks for applying to the Midwestern State University Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science (BSRS) Program. We want to be sure students understand the new two (2) step process for admission to the BSRS program. Students must be accepted by both
 1) MSU and 2) the Radiologic Sciences department to be admitted to the BSRS program.
  • Applicants to the MSU BSRS program must
  1. Apply online at and be admitted to the university. Students must adhere to university application deadlines.
  2.  Complete & submit this BSRS Program Application Form
  • Students will receive an automated confirmation of submission of the BSRS Program Application Form. Students will receive official email confirmation from the Program regarding their admission status and further instructions.
  • The department budget requires a limit on the number of BSRS courses offered each semester so admission to the BSRS Program is limited. Admitted BSRS students will have special coding to allow them to enroll in BSRS professional RADS courses.
  • Other students may take basic core or supplemental core courses, but they will not be allowed to enroll in BSRS professional courses.
  • Students who have been accepted to MSU previously and have failed to re-enroll in a fall or spring term must reactivate his/her admission by reapplying to the university and to the BSRS program. (Sitting out the summer term does not require reactivation.)
  • The College of Health Sciences and Human Services Radiologic Sciences Department ( will work with newly admitted BSRS students during their first semester at MSU, including initial degree plan preparation, assigning of a faculty advisor, and arranging for enrollment in at least two (2) BSRS professional courses (permitting spots are available). 
  • If students have any problems with their BSRS online application, and/or do not receive confirmation within 24 hours of submission, they should contact the undergraduate secretary at or call 940-397-4337
  MSU Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences
Program Application








Please indicate the career entry certification you hold. (For example, if you completed a radiography program first and then completed a radiation therapy program, you would mark ARRT-Radiography as your primary pathway and ARRT-Radiation Therapy as your post primary certification.) (If you completed a dedicated sonography program and completed the ARDMS certification exam and then completed on-the-job training in breast sonography, you would mark ARDMS as your primary pathway and ARRT-Breast Sonography as your post primary certification.)


  Education History
Choose between this option (QUESTION 8) or the one that follows(QUESTION 9) - If this option does not pertain to you enter "N/A" in the slots.











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