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READ FIRST: Check to see if your repeated class is already coded by looking at your Academic Transcript through WebWorld. Notations of "E" beside a course and grade indicate the grade is being "Excluded" from your GPA. Notations of "I" indicate the grade is being "Included" in your GPA. (Also, if it is immediately after a term has ended, we may still be in the grading process. Please allow a week after the last day of finals for repeats to be coded. Then if you don't find it coded, please complete this form.)

This form is an official request that a repeated course be included in my grade point average and that a previous enrollment in the same course be excluded from the grade point average.

1. Only courses originally taken at MSU and repeated at MSU can be coded in this manner.
2. A grade of "W" cannot replace a previous grade.
3. Only grades of C, D, and F can be repeated.

NOTE: Repeated courses excluded from the GPA will be coded as "E" (Exclude) on the transcript; however, the original grade will still appear on the transcript. Repeated courses included in the GPA will be coded as "I" (Include) on the transcript.
(BIOL, ENGL, etc.)
(Sum I 2008, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, etc.)
(Fall 2015, etc.)
Please enter your email address and phone number in case we need to contact you regarding the coding of this repeat.
  Thank you for taking the time to notify us of the course repeats on your record. When you click submit below you will be taken to another page confirming the submission of this form.

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