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  Midwestern State University Release Form for TSI Assessment Scores from Other Texas Higher Education Institutions or High Schools

MSU can retrieve TSI Assessment Score Reports from most Texas K12 Independent School Districts (ISD) and Institutions of Higher Education. Please complete the form below if you have tested at an another institution and would like for MSU to attempt to retrieve your TSI scores.

NOTE: Do not complete this form if you tested at Midwestern State University.

Enter your information exactly the same as when you took your TSI Assessment at the other institution. If the information does not match exactly, we may not be able to access your score report.
(If there are multiple locations, please provide the campus location. If taken at a high school, please provide the name of the ISD and high school. Do not use acronyms.)
(in case we need to contact you)
(in case we need to contact you)
Please include any additional information you think we need know.
  By filling out this form and submitting it, you are authorizing Midwestern State University to access your TSI Assessment Score Report from the original institution where you tested.

You hereby knowingly, freely, and voluntarily waive any right or cause of action arising as a result of the transmission of your test scores from which any liability may or could accrue to Midwestern State University, the State of Texas, and any other governmental body, institution of higher education, or corporate entity which was associated with the transmission of the requested information.

When you click Submit below you will be taken to another page confirming the submission of this form. Please click submit  only once. 

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